The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 12: Under Port Shaw

The Sewers Part 2

As the port holes slammed shut and the room filled with water, Shea and Crush leaped into the room to help their friends. Under the sewage-tainted water were six fish men: skum. Keahilani perched on the ledge above the water while Bertram used his Boots of Spider Climbing to adhere to the wall. Aleister fumbled around in the sloshing sewage for a moment before clambering to the ledge. The brothers, Ono and Zuka Zuka, stayed in the water and battled the skum warriors.

The fish men used tridents to inflict heavy wounds. As the party began to drown, Zuka Zuka and Ono cut the skum to ribbons. Bertram fired where he could. The pool filling with blood and water, all of the heroes bent their will to opening a secret under-water portal. With one last heave of strength, the metal portal cracked open to let the water gush into a room beyond.

Torrents of water pushed most of the party into this new area, with the others swimming behind. There, more skum ambushed them, a rogue warlord leading them. The warlord downed several in the party, faster than Keahilani could revive them. As Bertram filled the creature with lead, Aleister put his minions to sleep or otherwise held them from combat. Crush, Zuka Zuka and Ono all surrounded the rogue while Shea ran from the skum warriors and eventually dropped from the many trident wounds. At last, the chieftain fell under their combined might. They looted what they could and fled to find Lester Farrows waiting for them.

On the way out, carnivorous roach swarms attacked the sewer rafts. Keahilani used the power of Pele to ignite one raft while everyone in the part quickly dropped alchemist fire on the raft itself to ignite the swarms. One raft destroyed and the roach swarms scattered, the party clung to the edges of the remaining raft and waded through the sewage. Lester the sewer pirate grumbled and muttered under his breath but led them safely to the docks. With his 100 gold pieces in hand and a hefty bonus to buy a new raft, Lester seemed fine and made his way to the nearest bath house and tavern.

The party picked up gear they had ordered and shopped for a few items to make them more effective in the sewers. Finally, they hired Lester once again and found their way to the skum-infested tunnels. They looked carefully for the Jawbone, but before they could locate anything of value, a brain-shaped ooze attacked them with psionics and domination abilities. Many in the party were staggered or stunned as the creature lashed out to control and drain them of intelligence. At last, they hacked and shot it to slimy bits. The only remaining sound was that of the incessant dripping from the tunnel beyond.



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