The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 13: The Jawbone Found

Bloody mysteries and strange goings on in Port Shaw

Cleaning the remnants of the brain ooze from their clothing, Keahilani restored as much of Zuka Zuka’s thoughts as possible. Turning a corner, they encountered a briny, black pool of sludge in which floated 15 gelatinous sacks the size of a large animal. They started as several of the sacks bulged against human-like hands and screaming faces. As the dajobasu brothers entered the frothy mixture, a hulking skum erupted from the water. Vestigial tadpoles squirmed on its face and a thick stream of drool streamed from its fanged mouth. As it attacked with a harpoon, six of the “cocoons” burst open and newly-formed skum joined the fight.

The mutant leader was formidable. His harpoon lanced in and out of melee, felling both dajobasu brothers and Keahilani before he could be contained. After reviving Keahilani, Aleister attempted to put the brute to sleep, but focused on the lesser spawn after his hexes failed. Both Aleister and Bertram had flash backs of the Leviathan as they fought, Bertram gaining insight into how to best attack while Aleister couldn’t breath and was overwhelmed briefly. Bertram spider climbed to the ceiling and rained down musket fire as Keahilani channeled the power of Pele to keep the barbarian brothers alive. With many wounds, the mutant slumped into the water and the remainder of the force were dealt with.

Among various jewelry and other valuables, they at last located the Jawbone of Mokoli Ali’i. Though non-magical, after cleaning it they saw its quality and age and carefully wrapped it in cloth. Eight of the cocoons held humans from Port Shaw in various stages of transformation. They found Lester Farrows, ported the rafts to the dockside entry to the sewers and rescued the poor souls.

In Port Shaw again, they took the catatonic townsfolk to Zalen Trafalgar of the Chapterhouse of Quell. The young priest examined them but could only promise to do his best. “With time, they may recover.” Suddenly, he looked in shock at the tentacle “brand” many of them wore on their chest. He hinted that he may have seen this before and asked that they report additional sightings to him. Conferring with Keahilani, he warned that it likely was a sign of Demogorgon’s blessing. He also asked that they look into the plight of Harrok McFayn, a man from the small village of Toe’s Reach just north of Port Shaw. The man was accused of murdering his fellow villagers and Harrok’s daughter, Jessica could not be found. Zalen spoke to many townsfolk and few people believed Harrok capable of such a heinous crime. He asked that the party, specifically Bertram, look into this and fulfill his dedication to Quell.

After leaving the chapterhouse, Zuka Zuka bid his companions farewell, stating he had fulfilled his commitment to the Tulita and now wanted to start his own tribe deep in the jungle. Ono said his goodbyes and the party watched Zuka Zuka disappear into the milling crowd.

On the way to return the Jawbone to Milliauka in the outskirts, the party saw a commotion near the docks. As they pushed through the crowd, they learned that the legendary pirate, Falken Drango, had been captured. Indeed, dragoons escorted a beaten and tattooed man down the gangplank. Some jeered and booed while others were clearly upset and thought of Drango as a people’s hero. He was led to Darenar, the sergeant with the magic hammer, who looked to the crowd for confirmation of his great deed and noted the punishments Drango would face. “Now we can add the murder of his own crew to his list of misdeeds. Any last words, filth?” he asked. Drango spit a bit of blood and looked Darenar in the eyes. "Just one thing you ought to know, ye lordship…these manacles are a bit loose.” At that, the pirate swung the manacles into Darenar’s face, cracking the sergeant’s teeth and spilling him into the filthy waters of the Tide District. Drango ran into the crowd. Aleister hesitated only a moment before putting the pirate to sleep with a hex. As the dragoons closed, Keahilani helped Darenar and slightly healed his smashed face. Darenar promised to put in a good word for them with Gregory Bonedeuce, the commandant.

They met with Milliauka the shaman in the outskirts. The small, independent Tulita settlement was destitute and surviving almost solely on taro and small fish farmed from the tiny ponds near the plantations. Milliauka insisted on a feast and the party presented the Jawbone. The gathered Tulita praised the party as heroes of their tribe and Milliaukau looked at Ono and told him that he was well on his way to removing the taint of Dajobas. The old shaman also introduced them to Kaho Ali’i, who he prophesied would be the next great Ali’i (chieftain) to reunite the Tulita people, using the Jawbone as a banner. Kaho did not seem to trust the party, especially Ono, but followed Milliauka’s lead. Ono, seeing the abject poverty around him, gave Kaho 200 gold pieces to help; the young future chieftain seemed pleased. Milliauka asked two things of the party: 1) of Keahilani, he asked that the priest of Pele locate the missing menehune, the favored servants of Pele and bring them back to the isle. Without them, Pele’s power would never be complete. 2) Begin restoring the blessing of Whale, Turtle and Dolphin by removing the temptation of dragonsmoke and destroying its source. Finally, before leaving, they were joined by Ono’s cousin, Ozzy, a shaman who had learned from Tulita farther inland and wanted to help restore the old ways.

After resting in town and cleaning the sewers from their bodies, they climbed uphill to Fort Stormshield, the garrison of the dragoons. The spoke to the blue coats at the gate and Gregory Bonedeuce himself escorted them inside. His uniform was immaculate, his mustache trimmed to perfection and his words were smooth. The commandant bid them to stay and drink wine with him. After relaxing, he thanked them profusely for stopping Falken Drango and indicated there might be more work in the future. Indeed, he said, they could do a great favor to Port Shaw by finding and destroying the dragonsmoke scourge.

Bonedeuce consented to let them speak to Harrok, though he warned it would do little good since he was a raving mad man. They were escorted to the dungeons. As the rest of the party followed the escorts, Keahilani stopped at Drango’s cell. The pirate had been beaten and spit a wad of blood at Keahilani’s feet. After questioning him for a moment, the priest of Pele heard that Drango didn’t murder his own crew, but that they had run their ship into a reef and had to make repairs. He snuck back to Port Shaw and stole a schooner but was spotted by the dragoons. They chased him back to his ship, the Nightslink, with Falken narrowly beating them to the wreck. There, he found blood and body party strewn everywhere. His hope for assistance dashed, he attempted to flee, but the dragoons eventually caught him. Keahilani healed the man, blessed him and was on his way.

Harrok mumbled and sputtered about his daughter singing lullabies to the “poor injured sailor” and kept repeating something about blood and pieces everywhere. The only coherent sentiment they received was that of rescuing his daugher, Jessica. They left Stormshield and headed up the coast. Signs of carnage were everywhere. Dried blood. Fly-covered entrails. They found blood trails leading form the water to several huts. They went to the only hut that did not have a blood trail and found a man cowering under a bed, half drunk. At last, they found that he was named Relgin McFayn, cousin of Harrok. The man blubbered about his cowardice and how he didn’t save Jessica or the other townsfolk and that a “black shark man” told another shark man to take Jessica and hold her safe until “the basking” occurred. He then saw that the “black shark” talked to Grymmer Reefstead, a rival of Harrok’s.

They raced north of Toe’s Reach and at last found a hovel smeared with blood and decorated with bones still covered in strips of flesh. Someone could be heard inside pacing. Ono decided to knock. At first, a shaky voice asked them to leave. When they wouldn’t, it turned throaty and dropped an octave. The door burst open and a shark man rushed at them, tearing into Ono. Ozzy sent his pet crocodile to entangle and death roll the beast while he himself used a scimitar. Ono cut and slashed. Aleister’s hexes failed him and he realized that silver weapons were likely required to do much damage. Keahilani provided healing to Ono and Ozzy. At last, Bertram stepped up and blew a gaping hole into the wereshark’s torso. Grymmer fell and transformed into a somewhat normal-looking human…with a hole in his chest. On a cot inside was a nine-year old girl. She seemed not the least disturbed by events and asked to see her father. They hauled Grymmer’s corpse, Jessica and Relgin back to Port Shaw. After seeing that Relgin had refused to clean Toe’s Reach and had instead found a bottle, Keahilani promised that redemption would be difficult indeed.

Jessica and Relgin they left with Zalen Trafalgar. They priest took pity upon them both and promised to remove Relgin’s guilt and thirst with excruciating labor. Presenting the corpse, their findings and the testimony of Relgin and Jessica to Bonedeuce, the commandant seemed genuinely concerned but indicated that he couldn’t possibly let Harrok go yet. He promised to send an inquisitor to Toe’s Reach and to ensure the truth would come out. Later, asking to speak to Harrok again, Bonedeuce allowed it and Keahilani was able to slip potions of Invisibility and Blink to Falken Drango with instructions to meet them at the Sea Wyvern. Keahilani noted that they found evidence of a similar attack in Toe’s Reach as the one against the Nightslink.

They readied the Sea Wyvern for a voyage and waited. And waited. Dragoons raced through the streets looking for an escaped Falken Drango. At last, as the sun set and they feared they had been duped, Drango slipped over the side of the ship, looked at his surroundings and asked, " Let’s be off, boyos, and sail into the dark. We have a crew to avenge." Falken Drango seemed a natural captain and began barking orders.



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