The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 17: The Black Spot

The Engineer

Captain Riggs screamed and turned catatonic in fear. The construct named the Vivisectionist whirled and came to life, snaking in and out with twisting razor-sharp blades. It’s metal body was difficult to damage, but Bertram continued to fire bullets (though his firearm seemed to be waterlogged) while Crush, Ono and Ozzy’s animals tore rents in its body. Brine zombies emerged from another room and attacked the party from the rear. Aleister and Keahilani were forced to expend offensive spells to destroy the undead until their companions defeated the vivisectionist and tore into the zombies as well.

A golden stave rested on one surgical table splattered with blood. In adjoining rooms, they located machinery and a beam of light that would seem to transport people to the deck below. Destroying and looting the machinery, Crush set off several electrical hazards but escaped unscathed. Deducing that the gold stave was a control mechanism, Aleister led the party back to the wall of force and disabled the barrier by pressing the stave against a panel. Inside was a room full of strange, humming machinery and electrical sparks. Three lightning elementals manifested, but were easily defeated. An enormous sapphire beckoned Bertram closer and, with some finesse, was removed. The power to the craft instantly decreased and lighting dimmed. Eerie silence filled the room.

They returned to the room with the transport beam, only to find that it was now deactivated. Preparing flying spells and rope, they descended. They immediately entered the southern door, only to be confronted by the grotesque Engineer himself. He levitated above a strange throne, two large claws clacking. Numerous brain sacs covered the enormous, bulging head and alien eyes looked on. “So, you want to battle me personally…you will all die for your effort!” it gurgled. It appeared the abomination was casting. A vile slasher attacked from one corner while three jade bat constructs flew in to spit acid at the party.

Ono and Crush went toe-to-toe with the vile slasher while Bertram’s gun continued to misfire. Ozzy summoned another crocodile and had Crikey do battle with the slasher while Aleister enlarged Ono and Keahilani cast protection spells. The Jade bats pummeled Ono with acid but Keahilani’s Shield Other spell soaked some of the damage. Suddenly, as Ozzy and others were preparing to take the battle to the Engineer, the illusion on the throne dissipated as the Engineer himself became visible at the opposite end of the room. Flying above the party, he launched Lightning Bolt after Lightning Bolt at the companions. No one escaped unscathed as Shea, Aleister and Keahilani all took the brunt of the electrical attacks. Ono nearly fell and the party spread out to avoid being caught in the lightning path. Enlarged, Ono was the best-equipped to damage the creature and began hacking at its awful form. At last, Bertram aimed one good shot and took out the Engineer once and for all.

“You have…won…nothing,” it rasped. As it died, electricity again filled the room and alarms clanged. Aleister determined that an explosion was imminent. They raced from the alien craft and crept upwards via flight and rope to the wreckage of The Fortune’s Folly. They all entered the row boats and made their way back to The Sealord’s Blessing, just in time to see the rock formation called The Trident erupt in sea water and flame. A concussive boom filled the air and lit up the night sky. First Mate Handerley brought them on board and listened to their tale, taking care with Captain Riggs before ordering the ship to return to Port Shaw.



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