The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 18: Against the Drug Dealers

Return to Port Shaw

The Sealord’s Blessing arrived in Port Shaw after another week of rough seas. Captain Riggs thanked the party profusely for redeeming him and offering another chance at life. Riggs introduced them to his wife, Marla, who not only made a delicious home-cooked eel pie for the party, but manufactured several potions at cost.

Taking their leave of the Captain and his crew, the party was surprised as a barrel of whale oil slipped from the grasp of two ship hands, knocked over a lantern and started a fire on the docks. Catching on fire, the dock master began to curse and scream until Ono bullrushed the hapless man into the water, dousing the flame. Thankful, the dock master turned on the two who were the cause of the accident. “You’ll never work here again, you slobbering drunk! Get out of my sight, Shakes!” The dragoons arrived, thanked the party for its help. Sergeant Darenar leered at the older of the men saying, “It’s a good thing this hammer is mine. You’re not fit to wield it!” With a laugh, they sauntered down the docks.

The younger of the two men introduced himself as Jenkie Barns, cabin boy and all-around helper for Captain Montgomery Donovan. Montgomery “Shakes” Donovan did indeed shake and was quite drunk. Jenkie explained that the Captain was having a rough day and would soon get his vessel, The Vintage, repaired and doing tours again of the Razor Coast. Jenkie went on to explain that Montgomery was the original navigator and captain for the famed adventuring group, The Wave Riders, who disbanded some nine years earlier.

When questioned (and plied with decent grog), Donovan seemed to freeze and shake. He explained it was long ago and he proved himself unworthy. Solomon Trafalgar, their paladin leader, died as the Demon of the Deep dragged him to a watery grave. The remaining survivors included Belok who spent his nights fighting in the Broken Skull, Jalia Ramires who had returned to thieving and hadn’t been seen in a long time and Xander Brim the wizard who was last seen begging in the streets. Of course there was also Aeron Chambers (Donovan spat), who now dubbed himself “Sorcerer Supreme” of the dragoons and had turned his back on all of his old friends. What’s more, Montgomery swore he saw a ghost: The new cleric of Quell, young Zalen Trafalgar, looked just like his old leader, Solomon, and must surely be related.

Taking pity on the captain, they party hired both him and Jenkie to help man the Sea Wyvern. This had the added benefit of giving Aleister a much-needed promotion. After leaving the former hero and his helper in a tavern, the party literally ran into Millaukau and Kaho Ali’i. The foreshadowed chieftain glared at them and Milliaukau reminded them of their commitment to destroy the scourge of dragonsmoke and free the Tulita from its addictive lure. Ono and Ozzy committed to do just that. As they discussed this, a familiar feminine hand touched Bertram on the shoulder and handed him a small purse of gold. The familiar raven-haired beauty from the market place stopped him and said, “Please be kind to Montgomery,” before running down an alley. When Bertram followed, she simply disappeared. He surmised that she was one of the other Wave Riders, Jalia Ramires.

They next sought out Belok Talorg, the half-orc priest of Bowbe, in The Broken Skull. The smells of blood, sweat and despair filled the room. They found the massive half orc sitting alone. He refused to speak to them until they proved their strength and force of will. Ono impressed him slightly by beating him in an arm wrestling match, but the priest said he would get no more until he worked his way up to challenge him. Ono participated in one match and won the battle, but knew may more remained.

Zalen Trafalgar also greeted them warmly, noting that young Jessica was odd but thriving and that Relgin didn’t enjoy his new sobriety, but had remained clean as party of his penance. When confronted by his resemblance to Solomon Trafalgar, Zalen admitted that the famous Wave Rider was his father and he hoped to learn more about the man he barely knew. He asked for the party to find information about his father and to gather the disbanded Wave Riders if possible. Finally, he asked them to seek out signs of the “Ring of the Kraken” and the strange tentacle-mark tattoo they had discovered earlier. He feared the influence of Demogorgon on the Razor Coast and that this might be a growing cult.

Lavinia was next on their list. The Vanderboren estate was in a good state of repair. Lavinia was delighted to see them and shocked when she heard about Colthyn Riggs’ curse. Thankful the party had saved the old family friend, she provided the reward as promised. She wasn’t alone and the “New Wave Riders” (as Keahilani dubbed his team) once again met Gregory Bonadeuce and Barrison Hargrove. Bonadeuce met them with a charming smile and asked how their work in rooting out the source of dragonsmoke went. Hargrove seemed grim and mirthless. The elven diplomat, Senegar Deepwarder, was also there along with Aeron Chambers, the “Sorcerer Supreme”, who wasted little time in belittling Montgomery Donovan and the other Wave Riders.

Lavinia explained that she needed their help in crewing another supply ship to her parents’ old colony of Farshore on the mysterious “Isle of Terror” and would pay handsomely for the party to do so. She would lead a second ship with protection from the Jade Ravens. Along the way, they would make several stops, one of which to “correct” an embarrassment caused by Deepwarder’s daughter where several children of nobles were lost while looking for an ancient elven treasure.

The party committed to returning within nine days. Deciding to tackle the source of dragonsmoke, they began to follow a trail of rumors until they found Gareg Meldenbourne at Barrett’s Barnacles. The drug dealer wouldn’t talk to them until someone smoked the drug. Having found a few refine doses of Black Dragon when they shook down drug dealers earlier in the day, Ono smoked some with Gareg until they discovered the Midnight Deal going down on the docks.

That night at the docks, they watched twenty some drug dealers of various rank doing business. Ono and Ozzy snuck up below the docks and Aleister let loose a Web spell to entangle the criminals. An all out brawl ensued, until Ono, Bertram and Ozzy killed or knocked out the remaining thugs. Keahilani barely saved Ono as he was mobbed by drug dealers and Aleister put to sleep several and shocked others with a ball of lightning. With threats and intimidation, they discovered the location of “Bonegnaw’s Cove” where the leader Bonegnaw resided.

Expertly navigating The Sea Wyvern through treacherous waters, they found the cover and immediately set off the alarms of sentries posted on a cliff. An anchored ship and a wooden platform were in the still water and pirates began to fire crossbows. Someone shouted, “Let loose the beast!” Within moments, a chimera with the head of a green dragon attacked them, spitting acid all over Aleister, Ono and Keahilani before being dispatched by Bertram, Ono and Ozzy. They concentrated fire on the remaining pirates on the cove wall and within the anchored ship.

Other figures were dimly seen on the sandy beach as the criminals prepared for the assault…



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