The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 21: Sinful Whispers

Dolentla Island

The white whale bore down on the Sea Wyvern. The officers of the ship maneuvered the vessel so the port-side cannon could be fired. Bertram organized a well-placed shot to the beast’s head. Though hurt, the creature went under the ship and attempted to capsize it. The Sea Wyvern listed heavily to one side but was too much for the whale to lift. After a few moments, it was apparent that the creature had left. Ozzy was certain it didn’t act naturally and would have to give it more thought.

The remainder of the day was spent pacifying the new crew and ensuring the regular crewmen kept the ship functioning. Avner continued to be an obnoxious thorn in their side, but not as much as Jacinth Deepwarder. The elf continued to believe she could commandeer the vessel better than Keahilani. The cleric pacified her with a gem-encrusted suit of studded leather armor and a few trinkets.

A few hours later, a yellow-sailed slaver ship hoisted a white flag of truce and asked to parley. Taking precautions and with the Blue Nixie not far away, the Sea Wyvern connected grappling hooks and the officers boarded the slaver ship. The mates of the ship met them and explained that something was wrong with their captain; he seemed to listen too much to the slaves and had released them to do manual chores, while also disarming the regular crew. The mates of the slaver ship asked them to talk to the captain. Captain Hazeltree himself showed up, smiling, with an older Tulita man at his side. Keahilani and Ozzy immediately noticed Hazeltree was charmed and that the Tulita man, K’oku’wa, was feeding him instructions. Joining them in the cabin, while Aleister kept Hazeltree occupied, the others got the truth out of K’oku’wa. He had some spellcasting ability and managed to charm Hazeltree when his people were captured, however he was now out of charm spells and feared for his life. The party agreed to help him. Aleister turned to Hazeltree and promptly put him to sleep.

They burst onto the deck of the slaver ship, K’oku’wa right behind them. When the mates realized what was happening, the ship erupted into chaos as slaves and crewmen alike picked up objects to use as weapons. The four mates might have been easy work for the party, however, as they engaged, two of the crewmen began to shapeshift and turned into large weresharks, shouting about their hunger and need to serve Dajobas. As weresharks turned on both slaves and crew, the party cut through the mates in order to take out the lycanthropes. Bertram exploded one in a volley of gun shot, while Sir Mog, Ozzy and Crikey began to tear the other one apart. Once freed, the Tulita were thankful. They made a bargain with Keahilani: They kept the ship and, in return, would send a delegation to the Port Shaw region to bolster Milliaukau and Kaho Ali’i’s Tulita. The party bid farewell and returned to their own ship and a rendezvous with The Blue Nixie. Jacinth made it clear that the party broke the law and that she would “tell” her uncle when they returned to Port Shaw.

In the distance, two ships with the yellow sails of slavers from Carcass were spotted, likely connected to Hazeltree’s convoy. Lavinia mobilized The Blue Nixie to confront one while the Sea Wyvern took the other. The Jade Ravens wasted no time in setting the slaver ship on fire and began to bombard it with spell and ballista fire. Keahilani urged the crew to intercept the other slaver. Aleister performed deft navigation maneuvers and both cannon were moved to the port side. Once within range, Bertram organized the crew to deliver a volley of cannon fire. Both hit and the slaver ship listed to one side. Keahilani threw a fireball into their rigging and the slavers were at their mercy. While the half-orc captain, his gnome sorcerer and two ballista-wielding ogres put up a fight, Aleister’s Stinking Cloud and Web spells quickly stopped them. Sir Mog attempted a boarding action but fell into the ocean, his plate mail taking him deep. Ozzy was forced to transform into a crocodile to save their comrade. Slaves were freed and allowed to join K’oku’wa on his new vessel. With the ship mostly destroyed, the party towed the surviving crew of both ships to a deserted rock to let nature have its way with them. The enemy of The Blue Nixie simply burned and they left it to its fate.

The next morning they spotted Dolentla Island. Jacinth seemed disturbed by the flotsam and jetsam in the water, gasping when she saw belongings from her old friends. Strangely, no corpses or other signs of violence were seen. The white whale rose again and Jacinth screamed. Again, a cannon ball found its mark, but this time the whale seemed intent on simply smashing the hull of the ship. As it struck wildly, Bertram, Ozzy and Keahilani launched ranged attacks. At last, Aleister put the beast to sleep. Keahilani and Aleister noted a faint magical connection leading to the jungle on Dolentla Island. After debate, they decided not to kill the creature and left without pursuit.

A raft listed in the waves and Aleister flew to retrieve it and tie it to the Sea Wyvern. Figures groaned and moved under a large tarp. Using mage hand from the ship, he lifted the tarp. Three sea hags cackled and got up, their horrific gaze weakening the crew and officers. A fourth, more comely hag, rose and smiled at the party. Bertram identified her as a red hag and more dangerous than the others. Most dangerous was the fact that they could operate as a coven and access deadly powers. Aleister distracted a couple with an agony spell while Keahilani blinded and hurt them with holy power. Sir Mog jumped into the fray along with Crikey and Ozzy. Before the hag sisters could launch a Blight spell, Aleister put one to sleep. Though blind, the red hag used a blood sense ability to locate the party and started the ship on fire with Flamestrike. Once Mog and Crikey went to work while Bertram fired slugs into them, the hags couldn’t last and were soon defeated.

Lavinia chose to anchor some distance away and the party scouted the island, finding that the east and south sides were treacherous and would be difficult to reach. The north and west beaches seemed much easier. Jacinth insisted on coming and they took a row boat to the north beach. Once there,a swarm of stirges erupted from the jungle to drain Aleister and Crikey. The party hacked and slung Burning Hands spells at the swarm until it dissipated. Jacinth, meanwhile, ran screaming towards the jungle before stopping and covering her face, “No! Not again!” Feral, naked humanoids approached from the interior to grab her. A quick Web spell from Aleister slowed them enough for Mog, Crikey and Ozzy to attack. The creatures seemed to fly into a rage and attacked with bare nails and teeth. At last, they killed the feral humans and rescued Jacinth. Oddly, the strange beings showed the magical energy leading into the jungle, similar to the whale.

Darkness came and they set up camp. From the interior of the island came the sounds of wild screams, hoots and the beating of drums.



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