The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 24: The Sea Wyvern's Wake

Journey's End

{Flashing back a few days prior: Keahilani scoured the collected library of Urthlan the Fiend Binder. Within were several mentions of the lost gnomish tribe, the Menehune. Coordinates were found that seemed to point the way to a lost refuge of the Menehune, on an island far to the south of Port Shaw. Mysterious phrases also indicated that the health of the razor sea, including that of Whale, Dolphin and Turtle, would not return until the chosen of Pele were restored.

Aleister spent much time reading the fiend binder’s book of binding. He seemed to chatter and cackle to himself. At dinner, the elf often smiled for no apparent reason.}

Ono and Bertram returned to the Sea Wyvern to provide instructions and sent Keahilani’s new cohort back to assist their friends. Jimmy was a former dragonsmoke addict, but through Keahilani’s patience and teachings, had found a way to be sober. His formidable archery skills returned and he joined his compatriots in exploring the ruins of Ohna-noki.

With their explorer friend, Urol, in tow, the party made their way down the narrow, rock corridor. The strange lights and humming noises were now gone. Instead, their way was blocked by an out-of-place sheet of iron. Aleister determined that it was a Wall of Iron spell that had been triggered many weeks prior. With no ability to dispel it, the party began hammering it. Crush, Crikey and Ozzy finally tore a rent in the thin sheet. Inside, they saw a near-perfect replica of the city that once was, including a miniature pyramid at the center of a large room.

Once inside, they were surprised by a pair of bat-like varrangoin. The extraplanar creatures breathed fire and did flyby attacks with their venomous stingers. Aleister identified weaknesses and Jimmy used cold iron arrows to hammer the beasts. She sent Crush flying about the room to do battle. Ozzy shapeshifted and together with Crikey began to tear into the creatures. Once Aleister put one to sleep, the battle seemed won. At that moment, the source of the strange lights seen earlier appeared. Two orbs of blue light attacked Keahilani and Jimmy. Will o’Wisps sent electric currents through the heroes, all the while screeching that the cavern was theirs and they would not be separated again. Even the odd aberrations were no match for the party.

They explored the pyramid, finding a secret compartment on the top level that contained a sarcophagus. Inside, they found gold and magical prayer beads, but the dessicated corpse inside erupted into toxic dust. Keahilani found that Urol and Ozzy both had mummy rot. They rested in order to remove disease and curse before progressing. Though they had difficult in removing Urol from his studies, they entered the last chamber where they found a golden bat idol. Keahilani identified this as a representation of Camazotz, an ancient god of bats and the night. He determined that this ancient Tulita branch began worship of Camazotz and left behind Pele, Whale, Dolphin and Turtle. Thought quite valuable, Aleister also determine that the idol was magical and, though had no use by itself, was likely a magic key.

Dragging Urol with them, they returned to the ship. Once at sea again, Keahilani and Aleister had to follow The Blue Nixie’s lead and navigate the notorious Pearl Current, where ships were often sent off course. Success was brief. The next day, a tropical storm hit. Though the party helped the crew survive with minimal damage, they found that they were separated from Lavinia’s ship. Standing orders were to continue to Farshore and meet up there. Though worried, they spent another peaceful night at sea, only to woken by the crew near sunrise.

The Sea Wyvern was motionless. All around was a seaweed sargasso that entrapped the ship like chains. The crew murmured and seemed frightened. Aleister checked his memory and decided that this very well could be the legendary “Journey’s End,” a sargasso that sailors said could swallow ships and send its “children” to kill the crew. Attempts to burn or hack away the sargasso proved fruitless. They found they could walk on the spongy material, though treacherous, and made their way to the closest of several shipwrecks. The Rage as its rusted nameplate suggested, was in ruins. Signs of a battle and hastily built fires were everywhere onboard. Moving into the hold, they managed to save a journal right before the sargasso came to life. Assassin vines attempted to entangle and strangle them. Once these were dealt with, they read the journal of a monk who told a tale of becoming stuck in the sargasso and endless waves of plant creatures stealing his crew. He had sent out scouts to explore another wreckage and they returned changed, “children” of whatever presence lived at the heart of Journey’s End.

Resolved to change their fate, the party trekked through the spongy pseudo-island. The attacks began. Wave after wave of viny horrors, oddly humanoids creatures, some still wearing tatters of clothes, attacked them. They hissed, “Outsiders…” over and over and seemed endless. After their third battle, they realized there were hundreds more of the creatures slowly forming in the distance. Each of these vine horrors could summon assassin vines and it felt hopeless. One last group of creatures prevented them from reaching what they perceived as the center of the sargasso, where the remains of the ship named The Thunderer was barely visible. As they did battle with the vine monsters, the creatures summoned assassin vines to hold them tight. A vague rumbling could be heard and an 18-foot shambling creature made of coral and seaweed shuffled towards them. Shea believed it to be a twisted form of treant and sent Crush to do battle. After many arrows from Jimmy, fireballs from Keahilani and the combined efforts of Crikey and Ozzy, the treant and the vine horrors fell. They ran to the shipwreck and climbed aboard.

Onboard the moldy, soggy remains of the caravel, they immediately battled through more vine horrors to reach the hold. At last, they reached the bottom-most level, the hold entirely encrusted by vines and seaweed. A crumbling door revealed the ship’s treasure to still be intact. They had little time to appreciate it as the word “Outsiders” reverberated through the hold. Vine horrors emerged and a presence could be felt towards the aft end of the ship. Most of the party was instantly entangled, though Crush flew towards the aft end to find a deep chasm leading down into the sargasso. A “thing” pulsated at the bottom, malignant and implacable. He flew the hundred feet to the bottom and encountered a dislocated sack of foul-smelling vegetation, an enormous monstrosity that was the sargasso: The Mother of All. It’s vast, distended belly was bathed in a green mucous and vaguely humanoids forms, arms and legs protruded from its core. These infantile vine horrors raked and screeched at Crush. Eyes emerged from all over the mother and they looked upon Crush with hate.

Though he swung his greatsword and chunks of vegetable matter flew from the Mother of All, it wasn’t enough. The huge creature bit and clawed the eidolon to shreds. Surrounded by vine horrors and their summoned assassin vines, the remainder of the party was mired in combat. Aleister, Jimmy and Ozzy went down only to be revived by Keahilani. Shea used a focused power to re-summon Crush. Jimmy and Aleister went into the aft area to take out the Mother. As Jimmy rained arrows into the bulk of the plant one hundred feet below, The Mother of All put out a psychic screech. Aleister, attempting to get close enough for his own hexes to work, found himself stuck and very near the most fearsome creature they had ever encountered. The Mother of All took out the elven witch with a few claw swipes. Jimmy continued to harry the monster until…it disappeared. It appeared next to the rest of the party, using some variant of Transport via Plants.

Not seeing Aleister, Keahilani took his remaining healing, ran to the maw and jumped in. The drop nearly killed him, but the cleric was still alive, reviving the almost-dead witch. The two climbed long strands of seaweed. Crikey and Ozzy were shrugged aside. Crush was almost dismissed again while Shea struggled to avoid the Mother’s reach. Out of spells and healing, Keahilani and Aleister did what they could. The Mother fell to Jimmy’s cold iron arrows, melting into sludge. They gathered the considerable treasure in the hold and ran back to The Sea Wyvern as the sargasso began to break up. The hundreds of vine horrors began to screech and turn into mush as they rushed by. Their ship was freed and, with a little help from sword and axe, they found the open ocean once again.

Two days of peace were well-deserved. But fleeting. Another storm hit, this one more severe than the last. Keahilani and Aleister struggled to deliver orders to the crew. As crewmen went overboard and others lashed themselves to masts and simply prayed, the ship listed violently, turned and all seemed to go black….



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