The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 25: Here There Be Monsters

Thunder Lizards and Terror Birds

Swept overboard, all in the party except for Shea and Crush managed to swim ashore. Ono surveyed the beach where they landed while his companions vomited salt water. The Sea Wyvern was a good 400 yards away, grounded on rocks or reef and listing to one side. Bodies of crew and broken crates bobbed in the tide. Far to the south, they saw the sole survivors other than themselves: Avner with his horse, Thunderstrike, Urol, Amelli, Jenkie Barnes and Montgomery Donovan.

Before they could exchange stories, an ear-splitting roar came from the nearby jungle. A gargantuan thunder lizard broke trees and ran onto the beach. Aleister identified it as a Tyrannosaurus capable of swallowing all of them whole. Jimmy and Bertram sunk bullet and arrow into its hide while Keahilani and Aleister started protective magics. The T-rex was upon them and grasped Bertram with one quick movement. Nearly dead, Bertram was saved from a gruesome fate inside the thunder lizard by Aleister’s sleep hex. The creature plummeted to the ground, asleep. Ono wound up his axe and delivered a coup-de-grace. With Urol’s help, the party saved key cuts of the beast’s meat for surviving in the jungle.

Urol and Aleister correctly deduced that they had beached on the far northeast corner of the Isle of Terror, some 130 miles away from Farshore. With the Sea Wyvern badly damaged the only course of action was an overland journey. Avner was furious, upset that he lost his rare wines and was sweating in such a savage land. Amelli was despondent and seemed out of place on solid land. Urol was perfectly happy, almost giddy to begin such a trek. Jenkie simply tended Montgomery as the older man’s shakes worsened and he cried out for a cup of grog.

With night approaching, they built a bonfire and convinced the survivors to eat fresh T-rex meat. Not long into the second watch, large carnivorous birds ambushed the party. These were the famed “terror birds!” Six of the creatures attacked with claws and bite, attempting to drag away party members. Fortunately, only Urol was small enough to be susceptible. The party vanquished the creatures and collected additional meat.

The next morning, they fought through Avner’s increasingly unreasonable demands and finally tethered Urol to prevent the gnome from wandering off. Jenkie and Montgomery were easy to manage since Jenkie took on the burden of helping Montgomery through withdrawal. Amellia couldn’t seem to break her depression. They scavenged food and water from the ship’s supplies that had beached. Aleister and Ono salvaged what they could from the Sea Wyvern itself.

Another day passed. Heat and mosquitoes at first were the greatest dangers. Urol guided them up the eastern coastal mountain range to an old road the ancient Tulita had built. Eventually, they encountered the site of an ancient meteor strike. In this bowl, enormous thunder lizards known as diplodocus were eating and wallowing in the mud. Before they could react, a young diplodocus ran from the trees bellowing. Four terror birds pursued it. Urol insisted that the party help the poor creature. Within moments, the party had killed the birds. Ozzy and Bertram managed to make the young lizard calmer by offering some of Thunderstrike’s feed, which Avner complained about for many hours.

Camping that night, the first watch was surprised by a brachiosaurus that came to investigate the campfire. The beast swung its mighty tail, but violence was avoided by Aleister’s sleep hex and copious amounts of Thunderstrike’s feed. They escorted the lizard away. Unable to deal with Avner’s whining, Ozzy foraged and found a variety of cascara. Mixing this with Avner’s rations created a mighty laxative, one that the young nobleman dealt with for the next twelve hours.

Continuing the trail, the party found themselves in ancient ruins. Spiders, small and large, covered all surfaces. In a ruined courtyard, a wizened woman sat hunched on a crumbling throne. She welcomed the party to her “web” and asked them not to hurt her “children” which apparently were the spiders. She seemed hungry for news of the outside world and the party shared some of their travels and conflicts. This seemed to satisfy the old woman. Unfortunately, she stated that she no longer traveled much, but did advise the party to continue on the trail which would eventually lead to a tunnel under the mountain. She also warned them of the terror bird nests to the south. With that, she transformed into a large spider and skittered away. Aleister surmised that she was a very ancient aranea and not hostile.

It didn’t take long to find the nesting grounds. The terror birds crept through the foliage. Urol cast Obscuring Mist to hide the non-combatants. Suddenly, six of the large birds attacked. More fearsome were the much larger nest mothers. Aleister enlarged Ono who waded into the fray. Jimmy and Bertram began dropping birds with ranged weapons. Keahilani mostly used his healing fire to both harm the birds and heal the party. Ozzy transformed into a crocodile and he and Crikey began tearing into the carnivores. Once defeated, the party searched through the nesting grounds, finding only a few valuables. However, Urol become very excited when they discovered three foot-long eggs. Bertram determined that the eggs were viable and also valuable. They created packing materials from weeds and supplies and had Amellia, Urol and Jenkie carried one each.

At last, they came to the entrance to the mountain tunnel pass. Signs of the ancient Tulita abounded. In one stagnant pool they found a red stone rod. Aleister believed it to be a key. They crossed a bridge over a chasm only to be attacked by gargantuan centipedes. Aleister become very sick from centipede venom but Bertram, Jimmy and Ono were able to squash the giant vermin. Covered in gore and slime, they made their way into a burial chamber. Though nothing of value was found, they discovered a concealed door. Pushing this open, they heard mutters in ancient Tulita of, “Trespassers” and “Thieves!” Swirls of dust coalesced into five figures draped in bandages. The mummies closed in and the scent of the grave filled the air.



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