The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 8: The Razor Coast

Leaving the Leviathan and the Journey to Port Shaw

Bertram, Ono, Zuka Zuka and Jimmy began to panic as Leviathan island picked up speed and headed west, away from Freeport. The Book of Vael Turog warned them, “Soon it will submerge and won’t be stopped. You must eat the god flesh found inside the beast.” The book counseled Bertram to read page 69 to call upon the deep magic and summon his friends to him. Doing so, Bertram summoned Keahilani, Aleister and Shay. The situation explained, they began to explore.

Aleister identified massive, viny flowers as moonflowers, carnivorous plants that appeared to be in a dormant stage. They avoided these and marveled at the footprints Bertram discovered in the moist soil, part humanoid and part something else. Seemingly the only man-made structures were a series of towers in the middle of the island. Most were ruins, but one tower sported a font of perpetual clean drink water. While exploring the fountain, a series of amoeba swarms and a gelatinous cube attacked. The eidolon, Crush, was engulfed by the cube, but the creatures were quickly destroyed once Bertram realized the swarms were harmed by the pure water.

Another tower seemed empty but intact, with a series of bubble-like windows. They found a trap door and descended into the dank, dripping depths of the Leviathan. The walls pulsated as they entered a veritable maze of soil-like flesh. They discovered the source of the footprints above: a tribe of fish-like mongrelmen who threatened them with spears and told them they weren’t welcome. Ono apparently had enough and attacked. Aleister’s web spell entangled most of the creatures and they didn’t stand a chance against the might of the party. The remaining mongrelmen surrendered, warning the party that when their chief discovered their presence, they would all die horribly. They led the party to the chamber of the god flesh. Blue nodes grew from all walls.

Bertram ate the juicy pod and began to have visions. Eons of travel, the depths of the ocean, other planes of existence and the endless search for…something else. He recovered, babbling, but could not control the beast. Aleister took a turn, eating three pods of god flesh. The visions came and went, but he gained an understanding of what motivated the massive creature. He directed all mental energy to steering the miles-long beast towards the east. As he did so, they felt it accelerate and Aleister knew with certainty that the entire “island” would dive beneath the waves. Aleister also grew one enormous lobster claw and a tentacled foot (later removed with a Remove Curse spell).

They raced to the surface and located the bubble tower. Suspecting that it provided refuge during long dives, the party closed the door and waited. Thankfully, the magic of the tower surrounded them and fresh breezes provided air. After several mind-numbing days of underwater travel, they arrived a half mile from Freeport and ascended. As the island emerged, panic ensued in Freeport and legions of looters and adventurers came to explore. The party sneaked away on a makeshift raft, watching several hours later as beast slowly submerged again, causing yet another wave of hysteria throughout the city.

Regrouping with Lavinia Vanderboren, they reviewed Vanthus’ letters and assisted Lavinia with preparing for the long voyage to the Razor Coast. As Lavinia’s hirelings prepared the Blue Nixie, the adventurers equipped themselves and spent gold freely. Three days later they watched Freeport receded into the distance. The voyage was mostly uneventful, though Lavinia took the time to educate them on the unlawful nature of Port Shaw, the subjugation of the Tulita natives and her need to collect debts from Barrison Hargrove, the mayor and leader of Port Shaw. Her family had a small estate on the outskirts of the city and she urged the party to find Vanthus and explore Anchor Bay while she finished business. She mentioned that she had sent her mercenaries, the Jade Ravens, ahead of the party and that they would keep her safe. Jimmy, priest of Quell, also bid his farewell, saying he must visit a young Zalen Trafalgar, the priest of Quell sent to reopen their small temple.

Docking the Blue Nixie, Lavinia went on her way while the party explored the docks. They witnessed destitute Tulita natives addicted to dragonsmoke and begging in the streets as well as filthy dock workers with glassy-eyed stares. Children attempted to sell fish; Zuka Zuka bought a greyish, smelling snapper and used it to beat away the peddlers who were too aggressive. Whale carcasses could be see on the far side of the harbor and everything stank of rot and decay. Mobs of people attempted to sell Garr Bloodbane’s treasure map, each one slightly different. They pushed their way through the filth and found the “Broken Skull” tavern in the middle of the Bawd district. They quickly learned that the ‘Skull’ was locally famous for it’s unarmed fighting bouts, with a warrior named Jin currently at the top. If they aspired to be the champions, they would need to win two bouts without cheating or compensation. They spent a day talking to the locals and gathering information – see Whispers and Rumors – and witnessed some fiery fiddling by one sea dog who happily kicked in the face of one patron while the crowd continued to dance and laugh. That night, they were visited by the local dragoons, dressed in their blue uniforms, who searched them for Dragonsmoke. With foresight, Ono hid the sample he obtained from a drug pusher inside the floorboards. The dragoons left, seemingly disappointed.

Finally, they hiked towards Anchor Bay, first exploring the village of Thumb’s Reach due to the rumors of its destruction. They found dragoons their who warned them away; bloody swathes painted the sand and gore was spread up one side of a shack. The dragoons told them it was none of their business and to move along. They walked up a cliff side and looked down onto an inferno inside Anchor Bay. Vanthus’ promise in his letters appeared to be fulfilled. Several ships were aflame while figures writhed in the obscuring smoke below. As they pondered this, a group of fanged monkeys attacked. Though they were easily killed, the party looked with disgust on their sore and pus-ridden bodies and unnatural fangs and jags. A rickety staircase led down the cliff. They tied off on a tree and went down in pairs. Lastly, Ono and Aleister descended. But at that moment, one of the flaming ships unmoored and crashed into the staircase. Ono and Aleister tumbled to the water below…



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