A young elf with a nervous twitch


Elven Witch — Level 1
Chaotic Good


Aleister was a young child living in the Elven Colony of Torarta when they slavers came. They slew all of the adults, took the children and burned the entire colony to the ground.

The slavers sold him to be the cabin boy on the Pirate ship “Night’s Dirty Lightning” where he spent over 70 years, toiling on the ship. He was on the ship for so long and they worked him so hard that he even began sleeping like a human.

Then one night the ship got stuck in a sudden storm. As the ship was thrown this way and that, Aleister clung to his small hammock but was not afraid. For a voice began speaking to him, told him that he was the chosen one, the Storm Bringer, and that he will be kept safe that night for tomorrow, his true labor began and with this he fell asleep.

The next morning Alesiter awake on a beach, far from the pirate ship and the storm. Next to him was a small pack with some basic items and a small scropion lay on the pack. Knowing there was some kind of connection there, he grabed the pack and the scorpion and began walking.

He found a trail and began walking towards Freeport, wondering what lay in store for him and just what was that voice.


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