Bertram Roussillon

A skinny, dark-skinned young man carrying a brightly enameled metal staff


Bertram comes from a long line of merchants. The Roussillon family is well known in civilized lands for their connections to the ambergris trade; one of his aunts even has a perfume named after her. Though Bertram’s family has useful commercial, courtly, and even less savory connections, he lacks the business acumen of his many siblings. He spent most of his youth hassling perfume crafters, where he learned some basic alchemy and lore. Something of a dreamer as a young man, he jumped at the chance to serve as the family’s representative on various trade routes. Unfortunately, his more talented siblings secured the more lucrative – and well appointed – freighters. Bertram thought himself lucky to find himself on the Maiden’s Curl, a modest sloop the family would send to the less glamorous ports. On a ship that size, you can’t have any layabout crewmembers, so he learned his way around a boat. He’s developed some leadership skills but remains largely untested.

Several months ago, Bertram’s uncle Thaddeus gave him a gift at a dinner party celebrating Bertram’s progress – a lovely enameled staff with a rifled metal interior. “Roussillon’s Spark,” he called it. Upon returning home, Bertram shoved a bottle rocket in the staff, ignited it using his magical talent for the spark spell, and started a not insignificant fire in the market district near his loft. He avoided the pillory but the family quickly assigned him to a ship bound for Freeport. Bertram’s heard terrible things about that place and he’s getting a weird vibe from the crew. Still, he’s the Roussillon family’s representative for this journey – what’s the worst that could happen?

Bertram Roussillon

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