Keahilani (kay-hee-LAH-nee)


Keahilani (kay-hee-LAH-nee) was born to native parents in the Summer Islands. He is tall and thin, with pale skin and fiery-red hair, where his parents and the rest of the tribe are built short and powerful, with dark skin and brown hair. Keahilani wears his hair, which the elders call “fire-touched”, a blessing of Pele, Mother of Fire and Storms, in long dreadlocks.

Pele has sent Keahilani visions about the Menehune, an oppressed tribe of gnome-like people living somewhere on the Razor Coast, urging Keahilani to help this troubled tribe. Since he left his island home a year ago, Keahilani has traveled as a healer and crew member on several ships, seeking information about the Menehune people.

The last merchant ship that Keahilani was sailing on was was overrun by pirates, who at first took him as a slave, but then raised him to a crew member when they realized he had some skills as a healer. Weeks later, a fast-moving and deadly storm suddenly sunk the pirate ship as it was sailing along the coast at night.

The last thing Keahilani remembers of the ship was watching the broken stern sink under the crashing waves of the sea, as he clung desperate and wounded to a piece of wreckage in the turbulent moonlit water. Keahilani awoke alone and naked on a deserted beach the next morning. A strange holy symbol of Pele, fashioned from dark volcanic rock, lay upon on the sand next to him. Keahilani scavenged some scraps of cloth from the beach and fashioned himself a a thong to hang the holy symbol around his neck, and a simple cloth to gird his loins. Saying a quick prayer of thanks to Pele for bringing him safe passage in the storm, he headed up the beach towards a city that he could see in the distance.

Keahilani (kay-hee-LAH-nee)

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