Ono, Zuka Zuka and Aoki

Scaly skin, fishlike lips


Sahuagin feature green coloration, darker along the back and lighter on the belly. Sahuagin stand roughly 6 feet tall and weigh about 200 pounds.


Ono and his twin brother Zuka Zuka have been ostracized since birth because of their monstrous appearance. According to Tulita tradition, their vaguely fishlike appearance marks them as Dajobasu, cursed spawn of the Shark God. Tribal custom demands that they must be sacrificed upon reaching adulthood.

They learned of their fate as teenagers from their younger brother Aoki, one of the tribe’s priests who was responsible for sacrificing his brothers. Instead, he helped the twins to escape while on a fishing trip. All three are excellent swimmers.

All three are now marked for death and are actively being hunted by members of the tribe. The three young dajobasus hope to not only make their fortune in the world but also recover the tribe’s long lost artifact, the Jawbone of Moloki Ali’i which they hope will bring them back into favor with their people.

Aoki died via a rot grub infestation in the Lotus Dragon guildhall. Zuka Zuka left the party after recovering the Jawbone; he left to form his own tribe deep in the interior of the island.

Ono, Zuka Zuka and Aoki

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