The Razor Coast: Islands and Pirates

Session 10: The Bullywug Gambit

Lavinia in Peril

In the chaos of Founder’s Day, the party found itself amid a throng of drunken commoners near the Bawd District. At a makeshift open-air tavern, a group of tumblers broke away and suddenly attacked. A lithe woman in a full-body skeleton leotard tumbled by Ono and began to punch and kick the dajobasu, whispering to him, “This is for Rowyn Kellani.” Eight of her comrades were on 10-foot stilts and nimbly maneuvered through the crowd, throwing flasks of alchemists fire. At the same time, someone release a dragon-shaped float and set it on fire. The float careened downhill straight towards the tavern and the party.

Aleister cast web and deftly stopped the flaming float which burned through the webbing but drifted to a slow crash. Ono and Zuka Zuka chased the assassin woman as she tumbled about the crowd, finally beating her into submission. Shea and Crush concentrated on the stilt walkers while Aleister, Keahilani and Bertram dodged the alchemist’s fire and put out flames on buildings. As panic erupted in the square, the dajobasu and Crush knocked down several stilt walkers. Aleister put them to sleep or caused misfortune while Bertram stood back and blew holes into the clownish assassins. Keahilani drew his magic dagger and did battle with those on the ground. After the last one was subdued, the party heard someone cry, “The dragoons are coming!” They raced north to the plantation estates to rescue Lavinia.

They left the noise and laughter of the celebration behind and scouted the estate. Dim lights were seen on the upper floor and two figures paced back and forth. Choosing the straight-forward approach, they walked up to the front door. Keahilani knocked and loudly called for Lavinia. No answer. They walked inside and began heading towards the top floor, only to be ambushed by mucky frog humanoids (bullywugs). Several of the despicable creatures were slain before they made it to to the top floor. Evidence of a struggle were apparent as many of the Vanderboren artifacts were destroyed or otherwise in disarray. Leaving dead bullywugs behind them, the party reached the top floor.

They explored unused bed chambers. Opening a closet door, Zuka Zuka was surprised by three tall alligator humanoids. Ono and Zuka Zuka recognized them as the cursed karikanti, worshippers of Dajobas. The gatormen cut into the party with claws, tooth and tail. Things began to look dire. Bertram blasted holes with his boomstick and Keahilani spent every moment healing injured members. Crush, Ono and Zuka Zuka all fell before the the thick-skinned creatures only to be brought back by Keahilani’s holy power. At that moment, bursting in through another door, a half orc pirate wielding a cutlass attacked them while a drooling bullywug shaman stood back and summoned an ape. Keahilani and others attempted to convince Drevoraz that the pirate queen Harliss Jarvell had sent them, but he wouldn’t listen.

Two karikanti fell, but the shaman continued to cast healing spells while Drevoraz slashed with his cutlass. Ono fell again. Zuka Zuka fell. Bertram’s weapon jammed and the merchant’s son was clawed and stabbed. Keahilani frantically healed party members while Aleister switched from offense to healing as well. In a desperate move, Shea moved in to flank a karikanti with Ono. The beast cut her to shreds, though somehow her clothing saved her from death. The summoned ape proved little challenge and Drevoraz and the bullywug quickly fell without the gatormen.

In another bedroom they found a conscious Lavinia who was gagged and tied up. With her was a dead servant girl and two of the Jade Ravens: Tolin Kientai the ranger and Zan Oldavin the half-elf rogue. Ensuring they were still alive, the party pledged to Lavinia that they would clear the mansion of the remaining invaders and attempt to locate the last two Jade Ravens.

They found a grotesque female bullywug wielding dual handaxes and her bodyguards feasting in the dining hall and smoking cigars. Dispatching the huntress, they finally located the Jade Raven dwarf Kaskus Kiel, a druid, unconscious in a secrete room and clutching a potion. Reviving him, they heard that Kaskus had fled to the secret treasure room in order to find healing potions but had forgot about the magic missile trap. They sent him upstairs to join his comrades.

In the basement, they found the source of the invasion: a split iron grate through which ran a natural stream. Mud covered everything. To the east they heard gurgling laughter and a faint jingling. They found the bullywug chief and his hunters watching the last Jade Raven, Liamae Teslikaria (a sorceress), dance with nothing but a filthy sheet wrapped around her, through which were tied various pieces of silverware. An odd lobster-like bug bit and clawed her; Shea identified it as a Rust Monster. The chief ordered the rust monster and his hunters to attack. Within moments, all of the invaders were dead and the rust monster crushed under heel. Liamae gave her thanks and they returned upstairs.

Lavinia thanked the party and rewarded them generously. Keahilani dismissed the Jade Ravens and told them they could begin cleaning up the mess downstairs. Glares and grumbling were are their backs as the party retreated into the night for a well-deserved drink.



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