• A'Makua


    Small, elderly Tulita man serving as the Sea Wyvern's chef
  • Ambassador Senegar Deepwarder

    Ambassador Senegar Deepwarder

    Haughty elf ambassador from the continent
  • Amelia Venkalie

    Amelia Venkalie

    A sea-hardened captain down on her luck
  • Avner Meravanchi

    Avner Meravanchi

    Spoiled brat of a rich merchant
  • Barrison Hargrove

    Barrison Hargrove

    The mayor of Port Shaw. A grim middle-aged human who wears finery and walks with a cane.
  • Belok Talorg

    Belok Talorg

    Hulking half orc with a penchant for fighting with his fists
  • Bethany Razor

    Bethany Razor

    Red-haired elven woman, a legend on the Razor Sea
  • Capn' Lester Farrows

    Capn' Lester Farrows

    The famed "sewer pirate" of Port Shaw, the halfling can help navigate the sewers...for a price
  • Captain Colthyn Riggs

    Captain Colthyn Riggs

    Middle aged and white-haired captain of the Sealord's Blessing
  • Falken Drango

    Falken Drango

    Lean, but heavily muscled. Tattooed to within an inch of his life. He's constantly grinning.
  • Father Feres of Belon the Wise

    Father Feres of Belon the Wise

    Middle aged human man dedicated to Belon
  • Gregory Bonadeuce

    Gregory Bonadeuce

    Pristine clothing and a well-groomed mustache help the charismatic commandant Bonadeuce stand out.
  • Gupta Tilsdar

    Gupta Tilsdar

    Jovial cleric of Belon the Wise, God of Travel
  • Harlis Jarvell

    Harlis Jarvell

    Raven-haired, foul-mouthed pirate captain of the Crimson Fleet
  • Harrok McFayn

    Harrok McFayn

    His psyche damaged, this frail human man mutters to himself
  • Jacinth Deepwarder

    Jacinth Deepwarder

    Haughty, blond elf niece of Ambassador Senegar
  • Jalia Ramires

    Jalia Ramires

    Perhaps younger than 40, she has a knack for flirtatious thievery
  • Jenkie Barnes

    Jenkie Barnes

    A young man with a proud mustached, full of energy and devotion to Montgomery Donovan
  • Jessica McFayn

    Jessica McFayn

    A small, curly-haired young girl who has been tanned by constant sun exposure. She never seems affected by events around her.
  • Jimmy


    Spaced out, but cheery archer, dedicated to protecting and following Keahilani
  • Kaskus Kiel

    Kaskus Kiel

    Jade Raven, dwarf druid
  • Keltar Islaran

    Keltar Islaran

    The rude, nasty-tempered harbormaster of Freeport
  • Koho Ali'i

    Koho Ali'i

    Very young, but stern prospective leader of the Tulita
  • Korg the Minotaur

    Korg the Minotaur

    Scarred minotaur who carries a large pick axe
  • Lavinia Vanderboren

    Lavinia Vanderboren

    A younger, twenty-something human woman with a few tattoos, marking her as a low-level member of Freeport's geomancer guild
  • Liamae Teslikaria

    Liamae Teslikaria

    Jade Raven, human sorcerer
  • Lirith Veldirose

    Lirith Veldirose

    Tom boy and competent warrior
  • Milliauka


    The aged Tulita Shaman
  • Montgomery "Shakes" Donovan

    Montgomery "Shakes" Donovan

    A crusty, experienced seadog that smells often of cheap rum
  • Old Fish

    Old Fish

    Grizzled older human man that runs the "Tricks of the Trade" shop in Port Shaw
  • Relgin McFayn

    Relgin McFayn

    A smelly, pathetic excuse for a member of Toe's Reach. He smells of rum and unwashed bodies.
  • Sagacious Samuel

    Sagacious Samuel

    Middle aged human man who runs Sagacious Samuel's Magic Emporium in Port Shaw
  • Sergeant Darenar

    Sergeant Darenar

    A Dragoon sergeant in Port Shaw who wields an adamantine magical hammer
  • Simez Rothgazzi

    Simez Rothgazzi

    Tattooed, mustached wizard and member of the geomancer guild of Freeport
  • Sir Mog

    Sir Mog

    Feline humanoid in full plate armor
  • Skald


    Shift-looking, nervous half-elf
  • Tolin Kientai

    Tolin Kientai

    Jade Raven, Human ranger
  • Urol Forol

    Urol Forol

    Gnome explorer and expert
  • Vanthus Vanderboren

    Vanthus Vanderboren

    A handsome, young man with a stylish haircut and goatee, he resembles Lavinia.
  • Zalen Trafalgar

    Zalen Trafalgar

    Long, wavy blond hair and good looks may hide a deep inner wisdom
  • Zan Oldavin

    Zan Oldavin

    Jade Raven, half-elf rogue