Whispers and Rumors

This is a running list of whispers and rumors you’ve heard. The veracity of each is unknown.


  • Garr Bloodbane was a famous pirate who hid his treasure well. Everyone in Port Shaw seems to have a map for sale.
  • You’ve heard of a band of locally-famous adventurers called the Wave Riders who fell from grace roughly ten years ago. Apparently they fought some unspeakable horror of the deep seas and lost their leader (unnamed). The remaining members disbanded and went their own ways. Jalia Ramires is rarely seen but is thought to be in Freeport. Captain “Shakes” Montgomery is reported to be a severe alcoholic, but sometimes uses his ragged ship to take tourists or businessmen around the Razor Coast. Belok Talorg was once the champion of the fighting arena at the Broken Skull but recently lost to Jin. Xander Brim, the wizard, is generally ridiculed by all of Port Shaw for not saving his party. Aeron Chambers, their sorcerer, found respectability as sorcerer supreme of the Dragoons.
  • A popular angler from the town of Thumb’s Reach hasn’t sold his catch in weeks. Many believe the town was attacked and wonder if this is related to the recent arrest of Harok McFarrows for murder.
  • A cabal of influential persons around Port Shaw, called the Ring of the Kraken, is involved in all sorts of sinister business. Strangely, no rumors connect them to dragonsmoke dealing.
  • Hargrove is sending Lt. Commander Trey Perrin in the Albatross out to hunt Garr Bloodbane’s gold. If that’s not proof that Hargrove bought the Dragoons long ago – he can order about a sloop! – I don’t know what could paint it more clearly.
  • Elder Barrison Hargrove hates the Tulita and Whispers persist that he plans to eradicate the remaining local people – or at least force them from the Razor Coast.
  • Lavinia mentioned that the island town of Carcass rested a few days away from Port Shaw and to avoid it all costs. It is a lawless slaving town where people are often kidnapped and never seen again.


  • Hargrove is a map collector and a cartography enthusiast. He plans to hold a gallery opening for his cartography treasures, opening them up to the cultural enrichment of Port Shaw.
  • Gregory Bonedeuce seems well-liked by most citizens and his rise to the position of Commandant of the Dragoons is legitimate and well deserved. He’ll be fiddling again at the Broken Skull soon.
  • The docks at night are a hot bed of illegal activity. It’s a good place to buy dragonsmoke and Tulita from the mainland routinely bring cages of exotic animals to the docks at night. They leave each morning with empty cages.
  • Barrison Hargrove found the one true map to Garr Bloodbane’s treasure! He’s organizing a mission.
  • The dragoons don’t want dragonsmoke around, but probably only because they’re not getting a cut.

Whispers and Rumors

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